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70+ Years of success


Hill-Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc., provides architectural, engineering, land surveying, and consulting services to business, industry, government, institutions and individuals. Hill is a company with a strong reputation for quality, service and professionalism, recognized as a reliable resource for knowledge, manpower and support in all phases of the architectural and engineering fields for both local and national clients.

Founded by William T. Hill in 1949. The company was originally established to provide mechanical engineering design services to the local paper industry. In 1980, a group of five employees founded Hill Engineering, Inc. The company has grown successfully over the years in the fields of architecture, engineering and surveying. The name was changed in 1987 to Hill-Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc. to better reflect this expansion. The firm has continued to grow and is now staffed with approximately 40 employees. Hill is a member of the Green Building Council and has the capacity and knowledge to design LEED certified green buildings.

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